Our Process

Property Improvement Services

Expert Construction & Renovation Services

Our process truly provides the tenant with a turn key solution. We do complete design and construction management. That means a simpler and more pain free process for the client. Everything from design, permitting, construction and interior design is handled in-house.

What We Do

At Wish Development we identify our property needs and how they can be filled. After the target market is established, we identify the best providers in the area who could benefit from having a premier space. If the provider shows interest, we locate the spaces in our property that would work for the business and, before there is any signed document, design a rough schematic layout. From this point, the lease negotiation and final design begin. After both the lease negotiation and final design are agreed and signed on, the construction process begins. Following a short period, typically a few months, the buildout is complete and the tenant can begin occupying his fully finished and brand new space.

Wish Development makes use of its two in-house designers who have a wide field of knowledge. Each designer is schooled in Architecture and has a firm understanding of spacial relations along with the construction process. Wish Development also maximizes its effectiveness by employing its own in-house specialty construction crew. No job is too big or small for Wish Development because of the utilization of its robust contractor network. The team that is implemented translates to less waste and a better bottom dollar for the tenant.